Fabrizio Chiesa’s credits include:



• 2012 Time for Change (USA, 2010)
Prod: Mangusta Productions
Dir: Joao Amorim

• Being in the World (USA, 2010)
Prod: Mangusta Productions
Dir: Tao Ruspoli

• Fix (USA, 2008)
Prod: Mangusta Productions
Dir: Tao Ruspoli
Act: Olivia Wilde, Shawn Andrews

• Explicit Ills (USA, 2008)
Prod: Mangusta Productions
Dir: Mark Webber
Act: Rosario Dawson, Paul Dano

• The Living Wake (USA, 2007)
Prod: Mangusta Productions
Dir: Sol Tryon
Act: Jesse Eisenberg

• Sotto falso nome (Italy, 2004)
Prod: Medusa Films, Titti Films, Vega Films
Dir: Roberto Ando
Act: Daniel Auteuil, Greta Scacchi, Anna Mouglalis

• Sorted (UK, 2001)
Prod: Advanced Medien, Fabrizio Chiesa, Mark Crowdy
Dir: Alex Jovy
Act: Matthew Rys, Sienna Guillory, Tim Curry, Jason Donovan


• Lady of Embers (2015)

• Milos of Kroton (2009)
Prod: Mosaic Media Group

• Birds of Babylon (2008)
Prod: Mangusta Productions, Robbie Brenner, Paul Nelson

• The Silent One (Italy, 2004)
Prod: Ruth Valdberger, Fabrizio Mosca, Vega films (Zurich), Acaba Produzioni (Rome)

• The Mallory’s Man (USA, 2002)
Studio: Universal
Prod: Shady Acres, Tom Shadyac
Dir: Tom Shadyac (Bruce Almighty, Liar Liar)

• Drive (USA, 2000)
Studio: Twenty Century Fox
Prod: Arnold Kopelson, M. Birnbaum

• Tania (USA, 1998)
Studio: Warner Brothers
Prods: Mick Jagger, Alex Butler, Fabrizio Chiesa
Dir: Michael Radford (Il Postino, The Merchant of Venice)

Fabrizio Chiesa is a member of the Writers Guild of America.


• Lady of Embers  (Period piece set in Switzerland, in development)

• The House of Love  (Science-fiction, in development)

Film Agent: Matt Leipzig, Original Artists
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